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Cellular Authentication Token
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What is the Bank Demo


The following pages will take you step by step through a demonstration of CAT deployment by an Internet Service, in this case a Bank.


During the demo you will:


  • Enter your Demo Bank account
  • Learn about the CAT Strong Authentication option
  • Receive the CAT installation link by SMS
  • Install the CAT
  • Use OTP to login to the Bank


The demo takes about 5 minutes.


By the end of the demo you’ll understand how an Internet service works with the CAT and how the end user uses the CAT to produce OTP passwords and login to his site account.


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Any bank or other web site is committed to providing high standards of online security.


By using CAT you can be assured that your information is protected by one of the most advanced online security tools.


The first step in the demo is to enter your Internet Banking using your Access Code and Password, then follow the activation instructions.



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