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Cellular Authentication Token
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Identity Protection




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   DOWNLOADS - Demos & Brochures



CAT Introduction Power Point Demo. Executive summary demo to highlight the advantages of the CAT. Open from here.



Using the CAT Power Point Demo. A full example of Internet Banking service with Internet Deployment of the CAT to Bank users. Open from here.



CAT Security Power Point Demo. An explanation about the CAT protection on the Cellular. Why is it secured and how. Open from here.



CAT Authentication Server. An explanation about the CAT Authentication System. How it works and what are the main modules. Images of the CAT Identities Management System. Open from here.



Download the ZIP file of all the Demos above from here.



The CAT for ATM machine describes the potential usage of CAT OTP for ATM Cash point Machines. The CAT is the best solution for preventing Credit Cards PIN stealing. Open from here.



The eAuthentication today article explains the whys and whats of eAuthentication using CAT. Open from here.



CAT in the eyes of the press. The article was published in NZ Security Magazine. Open from here.



CAT Brochure. Executive summary. Open from here.



CAT Protected
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