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Cellular Authentication Token
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Identity Protection


Basic Menu Items


Read more in the CAT OTP Token User Guide.


  CAT OTP Token




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  • No OTP Token Hardware cost
  • No Hardware maintenance
  • The Token is always with you - it is your cellular
  • Secured by password
  • Easy to deploy
  • Affordable no matter what your organization size is



OTP TOKEN Instructions


A Site is your Login details Sites are added manually or automatically using SMS.


The Site Name and User ID are text fields for your convenience. You can enter any text there. You get the Secret Data value from your web site or network administrator.


The Secret Data is an individual random string that is generated by the CAT Authentication Server.


If your site/server is CAT Protected, then it is using an OTP (One Time Password). The OTP Could be made of numbers only (OTP Num) or a mixture of characters (OTP).


If the site is not CAT Protected, then it is most probably not a TFA (Two Factors) safe site and it is using a Fixed password.



Add Site Manually

a b  
Launch Application
>> Menu


a a  
Add Site Manually >> Select
enter data >> OK


CAT Protected Site

Direct   Security - It's simple and now ! check our Bank Demo


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